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Music Fan

Hello, Calabashmusic! Is anyone home? Website hasn't been updated with new "Free Song" in nearly a month. Hope you're all OK.


i don´t know if calabash is alive, but since i get no return from the staff i´ll try the blog comments area. calabash charged me a free song, performed by the amestoy trio, advertised in the free area. and i bought two songs that doesn´t have working download links, but calabash doesn´t refund me. i hope calabash members read this comment and honour their agreement with their customers. my personal feeling is to leave calabash after getting the songs i paid for and never return here anymore. it´s very sad, because calabash seemed to me a wonderful place to discover new music.

Helplessly Hoping

Come on, Calabash, either shit or get off the pot!

You're not being much of a world music advocate if you've buggered off and left the shop unattended.

How about taking your responsibilities seriously and take care of your customers.

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frustration and regret that I didn't pay closer attention in geometry class.
It appears that she's only made thirteen movie and/or television appearances during her career, the last one something called Buddy Boy in 1999. My exhaustive internet research turned up little more than squat.

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It was a sad day, one of the greatest talents of the Brazilian music industry, at least he leave us his music.

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