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1,000 True Fans to Launch Calabash's Music Microfunding Platform!

Truefans What's the solution for how to survive as a struggling musician in the 21rst Century?

According to Wired Magazine editor Kevin Kelly's article, 1,000 True Fans,  an artist needs to find only 1,000 core fans -- defined as those who will buy everything produced by the artist. If each 'True Fan' is willing to give up a day's wage ($100)  each year to support the artist, then an artist can earn $100,000 per year.

It's a simple formula for artist success and it is exactly the path that Calabash is currently developing to allow fans to microfund working musicians. Calabash is changing the way the world finances music by applying the principles of microfinancing to the music industry.

Our groundbreaking approach is the creation of the 'Tune Your World' Music Microfund -- an online music microfunding platform and social network that allows any musician to raise money for their next recording project directly from their fans -- thus pre-financing the startup costs. Learn more about our micro-funding platform...

We're operating our Microfund on a people-to-people model: musicians obtain funding for their recordings without giving up ownership or control. Fan/Sponsors are able to feel a personal connection with a music project and get regular updates from musicians. Instead of buying music via a distribution network that prevents most of your money from getting to the artist, peer-to-peer micro-financing lets you sponsor small amounts directly to a particular musician.

Every artist has the same problem of obtaining capital for their next recording. Our microcredit platform will create fan-funded pre-financing of their startup costs. For example, Canadian artist Jill Sobule set up a page on her web site to raise $75,000 from her fans by creating several categories of sponsorship. $10 gets you a download copy of the album, while $10,000 let's you sing along during the recording session. Jill raised over $80,000 exceeding her goal!

With your help we can create an easy-to-use service that any of our artists can use to reach out to their own True Fans. You'll be providing opportunities to revitalize the music industry in places where the music industry has never really worked very well. You can participate in a new cottage industry of microfinancing recordings produced in music capitals across the globe.

To get this job done, Calabash needs our own True Fans. We've been running the gauntlet of trying to raise money from the Venture Capital world and are being told that while our concept is great, we should come back when we are grossing more than $5 million.

We don't need $5 million.

We're doing our own micro-credit campaign with you, our True Fans, to raise $100,000 -- which will pay our development costs to launch our musician micro-credit platform -- ultimately supporting all of the artists we work with around the world.

We've created a variety of suggested funding levels -- each with its own reward:

Calabash USB Album
$10 - Entry Level: 10-song download compilation

$25 - Bronze Level: USB Flash Drive loaded with 10-song compilation

$50 - Silver Level: USB Flash Drive loaded with 20-song compilation

$100 - Gold Level: USB Flash Drive loaded with 40-song compilation

Use our Tune Your World widget below to help us reach our goal! Contributions to Calabash will be paid via your Payapl account.

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