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Share Calabash Music Playlists!

We've just released a new feature on Calabash Music that allows you to share your favorite music and help get money to artists and causes that you care for. Using some html code that is now displayed at the bottom of every album and playlist on our site you can easily embed our player on your website or blog!  And it will stream your favorite album!! It is really easy.

Here's a sample of the code that is now displayed at the bottom of each playlist and album on Calabash Music.


If you want to try to embed our player into your blog, here's a great album and a great cause to support: The Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project featuring top musicians from around the world.

Calabash Music and all of the artists are donating 100% proceeds from download sales of the Afrobeat Sudan Aid Project album.

Along with benefiting the people suffering in the Darfur region of Sudan, we all hope that this project will also raise awareness about the dire situation in Darfur: by some estimates, over 400,000 people have died by dehydration, disease, and at the hands of the Janjaweed -- armed horsemen supported by the government of Sudan.

You too could post this player on your own blog and help to support the people Dafur.

Get the code to post this album!


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